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Wigs, hairpieces or toupees

No matter what you like to call them, these type of hair systems all have the same outcome, to give you the confidence to face the world head on.
If you are looking for real human hair or synthetic, we can custom design and fit a hairpiece just for you.

Non surgical hair replacement

There is no surgery involved, so this is a painless and more cost effective solution.

Personal service

All of our clients receive personalised one on one consultations. Your hair system is custom made, measured and designed for you, then cut, blended and styled to suit you and your lifestyle. 

  • High quality hair systems
  • Colour matching
  • Cutting, shaping & styling
  • Perming

We also provide advice on care and upkeep of your system between salon visits and products to maintain and increase the life expectancy of your wig / hairpiece.

Hairpiece bases

You can choose different hairpiece base options, depending on your requirements, which we will be able to help you with during your appointment.

Swiss lace
Fine undetectable, but not as durable as the French lace.

French lace
Very durable as it is thicker than the Swiss lace but can be a little scratchy if you have sensitive skin

Skin perimeter with lace base
Many choose this type as it has the thinness of the lace but with the durability of the skin perimeter.

Very fine almost transparent. Enables the natural skin tone to show through, breathable.

Hair strands are hand knotted individually

Skin bases, made from polyurethane

A very thin base which can be made breathable. Not so suitable for hot climates or people who perspire a lot. They can have lace fronts to make the front lair line look natural.

Pre-bought systems
We will happily blend and style systems you have sourced elsewhere.

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